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Welcome to our new adventure!

We’ve enhanced Pharaoh’s Fire with the VIP Club and a special new VIP slot to thank our loyal customers for being so awesome!

VIP Level

Progress through VIP levels to get more and more amazing benefits which are not available to others.


Become an VIP and earn:

– immediate shop multipliers available all the time

– access to special slot games which are always locked to non VIP players

– higher max bet

– bigger 4h bonus

– faster level up

– concierge support


Fairytale VIP Slot

Available only for our loyal VIP players. The slot game pay out all wins in all direction. Even backwards! Check it out! We will add even more special VIP slot games soon.



You can install Slots Pharaoh´s Fire on your device from the following links:
– apple store (IPhones, IPads)
– google store (google phones and tablets)