Disclaimer – Pharaoh’s Way

Please read the following carefully! We have tried to keep this as readable as possible.

  1. This app is for entertainment purposes only! No cash prizes, cash awards, monetary prizes (no real money in any form) or any other real world goods/services can be won by playing this game.
  2. This game uses virtual units called “Credits” to play the game. You can purchase additional credits in the form of credit-packs for real money via the “Buy” popup. These credits bought or won cannot be changed back to real money, cannot be cashed out, cannot be transferred, cannot be redeemed or collected in any other way or changed back to any other real world goods and/or services. Once purchased or won, the credits can only be used to play this game. Again: Any specific reference to wins/wins of credits shall not constitute a contest, sweepstakes, competition or offer intended to award the player any cash award or cash prizes, any type of real world goods/services or monetary remuneration as a result of this app’s game play.
  3.  Cervo Media GmbH hereby disclaims any and all claims, rights or assertions for payment of any financial sums based upon play/wins of this app as this app is solely intended as entertainment only product!
  4. This app does not reflect the actual game play of any casino-, online- or other electronic gaming machine. The payout percentages, odds, payout methods and other features on our for-fun, entertainment only slots are higher/better/different than slot machines in regular/online casinos. You should not expect similar results!
  5. If an Internet connection is available, the app sends, from time to time, statistics data including the device identifier to help us improve the game. These data packages are very small and usually have around 100 kbytes.
  6. The developer of this app takes no responsibility or liability with regards to the legal requirements to use this app in the relevant jurisdiction the player is resident and plays the game, and therefore the use of this app is the sole responsibility of the player.
  7. The player agrees that he/she will comply fully with all applicable laws, regulations, statutes and ordinances which are applicable to use this app.
  8. Only play this game if you have reached the respective legal age required in your country of residence. If so, play responsibly! Do not spend any money if you cannot afford it and take regular breaks!

For any additional questions please contact our friendly support staff: support@cervomedia.com

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