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Let’s see if this thing can run our apps…

Sooner or later the TV will player a big role in todays mobile market. This sounds strange, but it will. First “experiments” like Airplay do work quite good. As we are always interested to stay ahead, we got ourselves an Ouya and give it a try. Let’s see, maybe you will meet the Pharaoh on such a device in the future :)

In case you are interested in the first impressions after switching the thing on:

Very Android-ish in the bad way. Wi-Fi setup did not work, then it did via a strange workaround. Still not sure why it works now or it did not back then. Gamepad sync does not work as explained on screen etc etc. All in all, it is a lot like Android itself: You can make everything work Рbut this is a hobby, not a convenient solution. You need time, strong nerves  and the Internet to find workarounds.

What can you expect from a $99 gaming console? Exactly. The gamepad is a little on the cheap side. But it could be worse. The console itself is nice.

All in all, 3 of 5 stars.